FolderInfo 2.16

Analyzes the size of the files and folders on the user's hard-disks
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2.16.1 (See all)
Scans your internal storage device and creates a list with space each file or folder occupies along with the percentage of the total drive space that the size in question represents. Useful for knowing which items to get rid of when you're in need of more free storage space.

FolderInfo is a feature-rich Windows utility that lets you keep your hard drive in perfect order.
It collects information and builds detailed reports about disk usage; reports can be printed or saved to either text, HTML, or XML files. This information helps you analyze usage of your hard drive and keeps your data well organized by giving you easy access to statistics about changes in the data.
FolderInfo is a good tool for listing directories and contents. It saves lists of files with attributes and directory trees. The program allows you easily set file date, time, and attributes; create Zip archives; and calculate disk quotas and excess fees. FolderInfo is a must-have tool for network administrators and other specialists working with large amounts of information.

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